Cake Smash Packages 


One of the most sweetest and adorable ways to celebrate a child turning 1, 2, or 3 years old is a cake smash.  Capturing this milestone in a cake smash session is a great way to really let their personality shine, whether they are outgoing or shy.  Some children will jump right in and destroy the cake, some will pick at it and others may not want anything to do with it but either way their personality will forever be captured in those photographs.  We capture them whether they shed some tears or eat it all.  This session is all about the toddler and letting them dictate the direction of the session.  These sessions are definitely a joint effort between the photographer and the parent.  No one knows them like you do and we rely on you all to know what will make them smile and laugh.  We will do all we can but back up is always needed when it comes to unpredictable toddlers.  So please bring any toys that make them happy and have any songs that make them dance and smile.  Cake Smash Sessions take place in studio.

Deluxe Cake Smash......$375+tax
| 90 Minutes In Studio | 2 Pre-Cake Smash Outfits & Cake Smash Outfit | 16x20 Mounted Cake Smash Collage | 16x20 Mounted My First Year Sign | Cake and Decorations To Match Color and/or Theme | 

Simple Cake Smash......$250+tax
| 45 Minutes In Studio | 1 Pre-Cake Smash Outfit & Cake Smash Outfit | Cake and Happy Birthday Banner Only To Match Color and/or Theme | 

Both Cake Smash Sessions include:

  • 20-30 edited and retouched images to choose from for ordering
  • Prints, products and digital images sold separately
  • Orders totaling $350 or more(excluding tax) will include a USB with web-sized files of all edited images delivered along with the ordered prints and products
  • Web-size files are for archiving and social media/web sharing only, 
  • Ordering session required to take place 4-6 weeks after session in our home studio
  • Processing and editing of images, custom product design, and order fulfillment
  • Complimentary email or phone consultation to discuss session expectations, pricing and product information
  • Please finalize colors and/or theme and send photo of cake smash outfit at least 30 days prior to cake smash session 
  • Session fee becomes print credit with $1,500 or more (excluding tax) print, product and digital order


Digital Cake-Smash Session Information

Digital Images included are high-resolution and come on a USB inside a custom USB box with a unrestricted print release.

Simple Cake Smash - $500+tax..........Deluxe Cake Smash - $800+tax
| USB with 30 High-Resolution Digital Images | Print Release | Viewing/Ordering Appointment | 2 Accordion Minis |


Digital Image Upgrade Tier

The table below details how to earn digital image upgrades for your web-sized images.  The more you purchase the more digital images included in your collection are eligible for an upgrade.  You can also receive additional perks based on the total purchase amount after the print credit is applied as well.  All 8x12 digital images come with an 8x10 print release and high resolution digital images come with an unrestricted print release.  The upgrade tier is determined by the purchase amount after the print credit is applied.

Purchase Amount Earned Digital Upgrades
$500.00 - $750.99 2 8x12 Digital Image Upgrades
$751.00 - $1,150.99 5 8x12 Digital Image Upgrades
$1,151.00 - $1,550.99 3 High Resolution Digital Image Upgrades w/ unrestricted print release
$1,551.00 - 1,999.99 5 High-Resolution Digital Image Upgrades w/ unrestricted print release
$2,000.00+ All Edited Digital Images Upgraded to High-Resolution w/ unrestricted print release



Cake Smash FAQs

Can I bring additional decorations to the Simple Cake Smash?

Yes, you can provide additional decorations if you like.

What if my child doesn't want to smash the cake?

Unfortunately this is sometimes the case. We can try different tricks to get them to look interested in and/or smash the cake; for example, we can put their favorite snack, like gummy bears, in the cake for them to digg out.  I always suggest only give them enough food before the session to keep them happy but do not stuff them so that they are not hungry.

Are digital files included with our session?

No, the session fee does not include digital images but they are available for purchase and you can earn digital images from the amount ordered.

Can we purchase single or multiple images in an upgraded size?

Yes, you can purchase the upgraded digital file of any image.  Digital files are sold in an 8x12 digital image file size and as a full size high resolution file.  An 8x10 print release, which allows printing up to size 8x10, is included for 8x12 digital images and an unrestricted print release, which allows printing up to any size, is included with high-resolution digital images.

What happens after my session?

The same day that we hold your session we will begin to process your images. Within 36 hours we will post a sneak peek to Facebook for you to view. Then about 4-6 weeks after your session your images will be complete and we can schedule the in-studio reveal/ordering session. 

What is the best time of day to photograph?

Early morning (7:00am-9:00am) or late afternoon about 2 and a half hours before sunset is the optimal time to photograph.  The lighting at these times is usually the best depending on whether there is overcast.  Midday sessions are an option but if the sun is extremely bright a location with several shaded areas would be best.  If you are looking for somewhere open, like a field, then sunset or sunrise is highly recommended.  We are always open to suggest locations for the best possible lighting.     

How do I schedule an appointment?

If we are the right fit for you please contact us by email at or by phone 919.995.5515, so we can discuss your session.  Email is always the best way to contact me.  Once a date is agreed upon the online portrait photography contract and model release will be emailed to you to fill out and pay the non-refundable retainer fee.  Each session requires a $150 non-refundable retainer fee to book your date.  The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to the session date.  Once a date and time is agreed upon, the non-refundable retainer fee, signed contract and model release is due within 36 hours.  

What happens in the case of rain, snow or inclement weather?

We hope that Mother Nature cooperates with our schedule but unfortunately this is not always the case.  If the weather is not favorable we will cancel and reschedule for a future date.  Inclement weather also includes extreme heat or cold as well.  If we are unable to reschedule the appointment, non-refundable retainers are usable for up to 6 months from the original scheduled session date.